Dryer fabrics

Woven dryer screens for the paper industry

The final stage of paper production – drying – determines the paper quality significantly. So it should be perfectly accomplished.

Woven dryer screens influence the drying process of sheets of paper through their openings and through the contact surface with the paper. On top of that, optimum air permeability and heat distribution over the entire drying period save a lot of energy.

Different yarn structures and shapes are used to control the air permeability of the needle-punched or non-needle-punched dryer screens. They are woven with round or flat monofilaments for the drying requirements of different types of paper and machine speeds. Smooth surfaces and mark-free seams ensure a perfect result.

Spiral meshes

Spiral meshes are used in various industries as drying meshes for paper machines, drying and conveyor belts, filter cloths or screening media.

The spiral meshes are manufactured using particularly high-performance polymer materials to protect them from hydrolysis and high temperatures during the production process, for example.

For their production, spiral monofilaments are pushed into each other and connected to each other by so-called plug-in wires. If necessary, additional flux-cored wires can be inserted to regulate the air permeability of the spiral screen.

Silicone-coated spiral meshes

We also offer our customers silicone-coated spiral meshes.

These are also used as conveyor belts in various industries, such as the wood and food industries.

The advantages of our spiral meshes at a glance

  • Simple installation & maintenance
  • High wear resistance
  • High energy efficiency
  • Individual adaptation options
  • Guaranteed high product quality and reliability
  • Allow for a high production volume
  • High cost efficiency

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