Heimbach Specialities

Heimbach Specialities was founded in 1874 in Neu-Moresnet, Belgium, in Europe’s central border triangle under the name R. Bruch & Cie. They originally produced felts for the paper industry there.

Technical textiles from Heimbach Specialities

In 1969 the company was taken over by the German company Heimbach GmbH and mainly produced special and tailor-made technical textiles, such as press felts and dryer screens for the paper industry and various conveyor belts, in the border region between Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

From 1996 onwards, the foundation for Heimbach Specialities was laid, when the parent company Heimbach GmbH in Düren relocated the production of the special technical textiles entirely to the site in Belgium.

Where from then on tailor-made and application-specific technical textiles were manufactured for different industries, such as press pads for the wood processing industry, conveyor belts for the food, textile, chemical and plastic industry as well as clothing for the fibre cement industryShort-size felts for paper machines are also manufactured in Belgium.

Progress through cooperation

At the turn of the millennium, the company's strategy evolved.

The Technical Textiles division developed through the strategic acquisition of several specifically selected companies from the technical textiles sector in Italy and England.

With this strategic expansion, even more know-how and specific production technology can be used in the development and production of high-performance textile products for a wide range of applications in industry, which means that there are hardly any limits to further growth.