Press felts

Tailor-made press felts for various applications

At Heimbach Specialities we offer products with many different customized dimensions, especially for the production of special papers and for the pulp industry.

The different possibilities:

  • Endless woven and needle-punched felts
  • Woven and needle-punched felts with seam
  • Needle-punched felts with non-woven carriers
  • Wool (marking) felts
  • Printing screens for wallpaper, with or without marking

Press felts for the paper industry

In paper production, press felts are used to transport the paper webs through the presses and to drain the water that is pressed out.

Due to our applied high-performance technology, we can offer special press felts that maximise press performance and are available in an endless or seamless design. Depending on the machine, this considerably simplifies the assembly, ensures the safety of the employees and reduces downtime to a minimum, as the machine does not have to be disassembled to mount the press felts.

These press felts must be replaced regularly to guarantee a clean and smooth process. Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you in finding out the optimisation possibilities on site.

The advantages of our press felts at a glance

  • Individual adaptation options
  • Faster installation, greater safety for employees
  • Shorter downtimes
  • Higher paper quality
  • Available with a customised marking effect for the paper surface

Just contact us – we’ll be glad to help you determine the suitable material for your requirements!