Filter fabrics

Filter fabrics with various applications

Our precise and homogeneous filter fabrics meet the high technical requirements for dry and wet filtration.

The synthetic screen or mesh fabrics are produced in different designs with different air permeabilities for the respective applications. They are used in various industries as dryer fabrics, conveyor belts, forming screens (in paper production) or filter fabrics.


  • Pulp and paper production
  • Wood industry: Dryer belts for wood chips, chipboard, MDF/HDF, etc.
  • Use in the non-woven industry
  • Drying of foodstuffs
  • Material screening and separation
  • Environmental protection: sludge dehydration in belt press filters

Spiral filters

Spiral filters with filling yarns are mainly used as filter cloths, drying media or conveyor belts for solid-liquid separation in belt press filters.

They consist of spiral dryer meshes with additional filling yarns inserted into the spiral loops to reduce air permeability and thus material loss through the screens.

The advantages of our filter fabrics at a glance

  • Individual adaptation options
  • Various fields of application
  • Allow for a large production volume
  • High energy efficiency

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