Building industry

Technical textiles for the building industry

Our tailor-made technical textiles are used among other things for the production of fibre cement products, gypsum fibreboards, wood insulation boards and plasterboard.

The product range from Heimbach Specialities includes:

  • Endless woven felts
  • Endless woven and needle-punched felts
  • Endless woven and roughened felts
  • Endless woven, needle-punched and roughened felts
  • Suction screens
  • Transport screens
  • Spiral meshes

Fibre cement felts

We offer felts that are precisely matched to the machine configuration and the final product.

We offer various felts for the production of fibre cement products such as fibre cement flat sheets, corrugated sheets and moulded parts:

  • Single-layer felts
  • Single-layer or multi-layer monofilament felts
  • Fabrics for suction systems

Modularly designed felts for tailor-made results

Material, surface design and workmanship vary and can be assembled modularly. This creates a very wide variety of possibilities.


  • Monofilaments and twisted monofilaments
  • Multifilaments and twisted multifilaments


  • Different layer structure
  • Number of threads and spacings


  • Needle-punching with different quantities of fibres
  • Different technologies
  • Different fibre mixes (fineness)

Mechanical treatment:

  • Needle-punching machine
  • Calender
  • Roughening

Chemical treatment:

  • Resistant to soiling
  • Hardness / stiffness


  • Tailored to the dimensions and specifications of your machine

The advantages of our fibre cement felts at a glance

  • Good dehydration
  • Easy to clean
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Flexible range of applications

Just contact us – we’ll be glad to help you determine the suitable material for your requirements!