Food industry

Technical fabrics for the transport of foodstuffs

We face up to the constant new requirements in the food industry and adapt our products accordingly.

Our technical textiles must meet high hygiene standards and certain legal requirements, standards and certifications. Together with our customers, we develop the best solution for various applications in the food industry:

  • temperature- and moisture-resistant process belts
  • special solutions for viscous products
  • water-permeable conveyor belts
  • wool felts and belts for dough forming or automatic oven feeding
  • belts for extraction trolleys

Food-grade textiles

We offer our customers tailor-made belt solutions for a wide range of applications, such as the conveying, forming, fermentation, dehydration, washing and drying of various foods.

Our belts for the bakery industry, for instance, absorb moisture to a certain extent so that the dough pieces can be easily removed from the belt surface. Furthermore, the belts must be easy to clean and seams and edges must be very wear-resistant.

Of course, we meet the latest EU standards and, for some products, even the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements.

Our open and endless products

For dough moulders:

  • Wool shrink tubing

Oven loading belts & fermentation belts:

  • Contibake PET made of polyester
  • Contibake made of PPS
  • Synbake – synthetic hoses and conveyor belts
  • Cottonbake – cotton felts
  • Woolbake – conveyor belts
  • Silicone-coated belts

The products are available with various closure systems, seams, rivets and/or eyelets.

The advantages of our technical textiles for the food industry at a glance

  • Individual adaptation options
  • For many different applications
  • Standardised products
  • Various closure and fastening systems

Just contact us – we’ll be glad to help you determine the suitable material for your requirements!