Paper industry

Special technical textiles for the paper industry

As our company name Heimbach Specialities already states, we face up to special challenges and, among other things, want to develop tailor-made solutions for the production of special papers.

Special requirements are our speciality! Our tailor-made solutions for embossed and smooth surfaces are in great demand for the production of special papers as well as in the pulp industry.

Our products have proven to be very effective where the requirements for paper machine clothing are particularly high in terms of type and surface finish, such as for clothing for the production of artist or banknote papers.

Mark-free seams and surfaces are a must for sophisticated, smooth paper grades, for one thing. In other cases, conversely, a defined surface structure of the paper is desired. For such applications we produce the appropriate special marking felts.

Our special fabrics for the paper industry

  • Formation screens
  • Endless woven and needle-punched felts
  • Woven and needle-punched felts with seam
  • Needle-punched felts with non-woven textile carriers
  • Dryer screens (needle-punched and non-needle-punched)
  • Spiral meshes
  • Transport screens
  • Wool (marking) felts
  • Printing screens for wallpaper

The advantages of our technical textiles for the paper industry at a glance

  • Individual adaptation options
  • Tailor-made technical textiles for the production of various special papers
  • With or without marking
  • Especially for niche products

Just contact us – we’ll be glad to help you determine the suitable material for your requirements!