Wood industry

Technical textiles for the wood processing industry

Technical textiles for the production of furniture, laminates and plywood are a major part of our production.

Many products are less about reinvention and more about the further development and optimisation of already established products. For example, we have manufactured an optimised press pad for the production of new, particularly resistant compact boards.

These products are conveyor belts and deaeration belts for the production of chipboard as well as press pads for the production of laminate flooring and furniture boards. For the production of non-slip elements with a given structure we also offer embossed fabrics with a corresponding offset.

Our products, open or endless

  • Press pads for short-cycle and multi-opening presses, with or without silicone
  • Marking screens
  • Antistatic conveyor belts (spiral screen-based deaerator belts)
  • Silicone-coated belts
  • Embossed fabrics

The advantages of our technical textiles for the wood processing industry at a glance

  • Extended service life
  • High dimensional stability

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