Press pads

Press pads for the wood processing industry

Heimbach Specialities is the world’s leading manufacturer of press pads, so-called pressure equalisation mats.

In the production of laminates, pressure equalisation is necessary so that the surface to be pressed is subjected to the same pressure everywhere despite inaccuracies of the presses, plates and substrate parallelism.

These press pads, also known as pressure equalisation mats, are used in the production of all kinds of laminated products, including credit cards, decorative high-pressure and low-pressure laminates, surface-finished chipboard, plywood, laminate flooring, veneer boards and special products according to customer specifications.

Thermax Press Pads

Our Thermax press pads distribute the machine pressure evenly and ensure maximally homogenous and fast heat transfer.

The Thermax Press Pads have a special composite structure. Depending on the specification or required heat transfer properties, we create a product with optimal heat transfer, no shrinkage and high durability as well as service life. Thermax Press Pads are ideal for the production of laminate flooring and furniture boards using short-cycle presses.

Advantages of the Thermax Press Pads at a glance

  • Optimal running-in behaviour (laminate production at full power is possible after just a few pressing cycles)
  • Very long service life
  • Very high and fast heat transfer

Thermet, textile press pads for multi-opening presses

Ideal for the production of laminates with decorative surfaces.

In the production of compact boards, especially with large formats, failures occur again and again due to poor pressure distribution. The Thermet textile press pad enables a significantly improved pressure distribution compared to the commonly used printing papers. As a result, the reject rate in board production is significantly reduced.

Another important point is the excellent heat transfer or the good thermal conductivity of the press pad. Pressing times are reduced and the efficiency of the pressing process is further increased.

Advantages of the Thermet Press Pads at a glance

  • Even pressure distribution
  • Good thermal conductivity thanks to silicone coating
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Energy-saving
  • Long service life
  • Minimised reject rate

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