Research & Development

“We offer numerous solutions to problems that we aren’t yet acquainted with.” That’s the motto of Dr. Ralf Kaldenhoff, Managing Director of Heimbach Specialities.

Market leadership through continuous improvements and innovations

Every year the Heimbach Group and Heimbach Specialities invest heavily in research & development.

Because only permanent research and development enable the necessary progress and make us a market leader in Europe and a global partner for various industries worldwide.

State-of-the-art laboratories for research

Our research & development team continuously develops, tests and optimises our products in our state-of-the-art laboratories.

Suitable raw fibre materials, textile fabrics and other modules are used to create a tailor-made end product for our customer and their own specific application.

We are able to test all the necessary requirements of technical textiles in our extensively equipped textile physics laboratories. In addition to the classic measurements of air permeability and tensile strength, we also undertake microscopic evaluations and solid-liquid separation tests.

Quality control & cooperative research

We are committed to comprehensive quality control of all manufacturing processes and products.

The test records are managed with the utmost care and thus meet the high industrial demands, especially for recurring processes.

We also exchange information constantly with our colleagues within the Heimbach Group, especially our partners in the technical textiles field – Marathon Belting in England as well as Industrie Tessili Bresciane and Arcari in Italy. Together we work on special projects, exchange information about ongoing activities, invest in research and development and regularly attend trade and trend fairs for the various industries.

High speed of innovation

The market for technical textiles is constantly growing and changing.

With our specific technical textiles we are specialists in niche products, which is challenging and exciting at the same time. One example of many: Where specific products shall be transported under particular conditions and need to be removable without leaving any traces, for example, we see an enormous potential for development.

Together with our customers, we immerse ourselves in the complex processes and search for the optimal solution. This is the basis for the development of our new products in the Technical Textiles division.

Know-how and technology

We use different technologies and our know-how in order to ensure an efficient and smooth project process for our customers.

Thanks to the numerous raw fibre materials and mixtures, the various techniques for surface production and the various coating options, an almost infinite variety of technical properties is possible. The many variants, possible combinations and functions of technical textiles are extraordinarily large!

We want to constantly develop and are always looking for new applications and cooperation partners to supplement our activities. Do you also have a very special concern regarding the transport, dehydration or drying of various materials? Then we’ll be pleased to help you!