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Together we can do more! The complementary technologies of our different sites represent an added value for our customers. Each company is a specialist in its own right and together we use our strengths and the wide range of products and services.

Successful collaboration for more bandwidth

Thanks to the amicable and successful cooperation between the various sites of the Heimbach Group, the products of the Technical Textiles division are distributed worldwide.

A joint presence at trade fairs is achieved through the close cooperation of the sales staff. The support and input of the R&D experts as well as their professional exchange of information are also valuable aids in the development and distribution of new textile products.

The Heimbach Group

The companies in the Technical Textiles division work independently with their own products in traditional markets and benefit from the Group's punching power.

In many divisions of the Heimbach Group there is a joint distribution network that operates worldwide. The advantage is that our group is very versatile and uses a wide variety of technologies and the cooperation of experts with great know-how. This allows us to react quickly and flexibly to market developments.

Marathon Belting Ltd., England

Marathon Belting was founded in 1976 in Rochdale (near Manchester) to fill a niche as a manufacturer of heavy woven conveyor belts.

In the years that followed, technical innovation and development helped Marathon Belting Limited to become a specialist in the production of industrial textiles for heavy industry. The company’s best known product is probably the barricade for aircraft carriers, which is used to slow down jets safely over the shortest distance.

The company has been part of the Heimbach Group since 2007. It has a wide range of different weaving machines and primarily manufactures heavy multilayer fabrics, heavy belts and textile protective sheaths for lifting ropes and slings that have to operate under difficult conditions, such as very high temperatures.

Besides manufacturing technical textiles for the aluminium, food, cement, glass, wood and rubber industries, they also produce conveyor belts for various industries as well as press pads. As an innovative company, Marathon Belting Ltd. was presented with the Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement.

Industrie Tessili Bresciane S.r.l., Italy

Founded in 1878 and registered in 1918, Industrie Bresciane S.r.l. has proven its long-standing expertise in the field of endless felts and technical textiles.

With the acquisition of ITB in 2008 by Heimbach GmbH, the Technical Textiles division extended its product range of textile and plastic-coated application-specific conveyor belts and opened new application fields in the textile, battery and rechargeable battery industries.

In Italy we specialise in felts with a particularly mark-free surface and in silicone-coated or impregnated felts and belts, which can be made with a polished surface on request. We can also produce endless felts with very small circumferences (diameter down to about 10 cm).

Our highly specialised products are used in the following areas: textile industry (e.g. endless felts for textile refining machines), belts for the battery and rechargeable battery industry, silicone coated belts for the leather industry, conveyor belts for aluminium extrusion and many other niche products that are of great importance for the respective production process.

Arcari S.r.l., Italy

Arcari S.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer and fabricator of conveyor belts and fibre composites.

Arcari was founded in 1993 and has been part of the Heimbach Group since mid-2022. The aim of this takeover is to continue the targeted strategic expansion of technical textiles within the Heimbach Group.

Arcari Srl is a very renowned and successful manufacturer of process belts for the textile, food, paper and packaging industries, as well as for the wood processing industry and for the production of glass and photovoltaic elements.

Arcari fabricates endless belts from a wide variety of textile fabrics and foils with precisely fitting seams. Plastic edge seals are applied for edge protection. Depending on the application, the process belts are refined, glued, laminated or subjected to further treatments.