Heimbach Technische Textilien

Techtextil Innovation Prize

High performance composite cooling belt for melt solidification

Heimbach Specialities AG (Belgium), KAISER SBS GmbH (Germany)


The production of solid products in the chemical and food industry is usually done directly from the melt on endlessly reversing steel belt coolers, where by means of an indirect cooling the product remains until complete solidification. This step is necessary to transport the products, packaging or dispense them.
Heimbach Specialities has developed together with Kaiser Steel Belt Systems a new cooling belt material, which consists of a textile copper-aramide fabric coated with a high temperature-resistant special silicone. This new composite cooling belt is in comparison to the conventional steel belt superior in terms of heat transfer and good releasing properties and is much  more flexible to bend.
Altougth originaly intented only for strong adhesive products by many experiments and ongoing installations it was observed that also with standard products such as sulphur, wax, resins, etc. the new belt called Q.max® shows significant advantages.